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Crescent Zafu Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set
Crescent Zafu Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

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Crescent Zafu Zabuton Set

This zafu zabuton set is made by Carolina Morning and is built to last! Designed and built by long term meditators who have spent many years working hard by..well... sitting on there duffs and collecting research and getting feedback by customers to bring you top quality meditation cushions. Usedby retreat centers around the world you are getting top of the line quality that you won't find anywhere else.

Crescent Zafu

A crescent shaped meditation cushion with more room for the tush!
Available with kapok or buckwheat fill.

  • Provides more surface area for your tush, which helps alleviate legs falling to sleep.
  • Fully adjustable. Stuffing can be added or removed to the meditation zafu through the hidden opening.
  • Especially good for larger people. But for any sized body, this zafu cushion will make a smile come to your face.
  • This size and shape and sloping angle has been said to be "perfect" by our customers. Unlike other zafu crescents, which curve in too soon.
  • This meditation cushion is ideally suited to the Burmese or cross-legged position.

One size fits all--it's adjusable by adding or removing filling
7" high, 21" point to point
2.75 pounds with kapok fill

5 pounds with buckwheat fill


The Zabuton is stuffed with kapok which is softer and more resilient than cotton batting. Using kapok makes the meditation zabuton hypoallergenic, dust mite & mold proof and is more environmentally friendly (grown without herbicides, unlike cotton). It makes the meditation zabuton lighter and also will last much longer. In fact kapok cushions have been passed down for generations in India.
Medium zabuton is 4lbs and 25''x31''x2''
Large zabuton is 5lbs and 27"x34"x2"
Jumbo zabuton is 6lbs and 20"x37"x2"

Available Colors for Crescent Zafu and Zabuton
Colors Shown on left: Purple, Navy Blue, Sage, Dark Green, Burgundy, and Black.
Colors Shown on Right are 100% Organic Cotton: Lavender, Pecan, Cinnamon, Indigo, Moss, and Undyed Natural.

Happy Sitting!